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Quality is what you see. Collaboration is what we do.

The Australian dream has always centred on living our best lives at home. Home is the heart of our lives across generations and across cultures. Home is where we can be our true selves. Our homes represent our stages of life and achievement.

At AP Designer Homes, we aren’t here to streamline a cookie cutter build. We partner with discerning clients with extraordinary vision about the way you see yourself living, in a home you can’t wait to be living in. That’s what we call living the difference.

From the first day of your project, we will be committed to your vision. We will be alongside you, supporting you as you go through the whole awe-inspiring process, finding and securing the right place to build, the build itself and beyond. We use state of the art technology to provide you with real time updates on build progress and approvals, backed by a commitment to quality craftsmanship and open communication with you all along the way.

It starts with you talking and us listening. Really listening.

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